Here at Turners Martial Arts Studios we offer a variety of programs for the Whole Family, ages 4 through Adult! To learn more about any of our programs simply go to our Request Info page. Also, feel free to check out the Member Site for our Class and Event Calendar, Specials and to SIGN-UP Online Today!


Everyone has some idea of what "martial arts" is, or is not. Many think of only the combative side and "fighting". Others understand the gentler side of the internal art that focuses the mind and teaches self-control. Still others focus on the physical conditioning and envision practitioners like Bruce Lee and his impressive physique. So what's the real definition? Well, here's what Wikipedia has to say!
As you can see, varied aspects are encompassed. Here at Turners Martial Arts Studios we offer several different programs that address most of these components. We're certain you can find a program that addresses your goals!

Martial Arts programs are all inherently "contact-based", meaning that they are geared toward traditional martial arts styles with a combative application. At some point in your training a level of contact with others for Self-Defense, Sparring and/or Grappling will be involved. Our primary concern is always the safety of our students and, toward that goal, we only encourage a "light contact" level. Each of these programs, typically, has it's own Belt Ranking System and promotion requirements.

American Karate

Our "core" program originally founded by Grandmasters Jhoon Rhee and Allen Steen, later evolved by Grandmaster J. Pat Burleson in the 1950's & 60's. They would say "we were MMA before it was cool".

American Karate is a blend of traditional styles of TaeKwonDo, Shotokan, Judo, JuJitsu and Boxing. Through this program students develop a very well-rounded foundation in the martial arts.

Ages 7 through Adult
. Specific "Adult Only" classes are offered in the later evening.

Goju Shorei Weapons

A GREAT compliment to ANY martial arts system, or as your primary style. A fully belt ranked system utilizing "street-legal" weapons, specifically the Cane, Knife and Fan. Real world combatives for today.

Ages 13 through Adult

Lil' Dragons

The entry point for a lifetime of martial arts learning, specifically for the 4-6 year old age group.

Classes are designed to hold students attention, provide a lot of fun and, in some cases, trick them into learning real martial arts. Stripes are awarded based on achievement to keep them interested. Belt Tests are then a great time to show what they've learned and promote to the next level. Contact in this class is limited to only hands-on self-defense practices.


"Flowing Circles" JuJitsu is a traditional Japanese derivitive, NOT the Brazilian street fighting version. A full martial art that encompasses very detailed instruction in the finer points of the "art"!

Ages: 13 and Up (unless enrolled in another program at TMAS)


LISD External PE

Did you realize you could EARN School District PE credits while taking classes here? Well, YOU CAN!!!

As an LISD Approved External PE Facility, we can offer a program that meets the LISD requirements for this.

Sign Up through the LISD site and start earning those PE credits for doing what you Love already!

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