Thank You for inquiring about our Goju Shorei Weapons Program. We look forward to serving you in the very near future!

Immediate self defense is the key element in the Goju-Shorei Weapons System. A Practical approach to self-defense that Anyone can learn NOW!

This program is appropriate for Anyone but, is IDEAL for anyone that needs a Cane as you're already armed! The system does not require formal Karate stances and, in fact, takes into account lack of mobility due to physical impairment or injury.

Speed, Flexibility, Strength or prior martial arts experience are NOT Required.

This is a stand-alone weapons training regimen that can be a companion to any other martial art system. The cane, knife and fan are weapons that can be carried anywhere in the world without confiscation. You will quickly find that they are formidable weapons when used correctly.
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LISD External PE

Did you realize you could EARN School District PE credits while taking classes here? Well, YOU CAN!!!

As an LISD Approved External PE Facility, we can offer a program that meets the LISD requirements for this.

Sign Up through the LISD site and starting earning those PE credits for doing what you Love already!

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