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"Flowing Circles Ju-Jitsu" combines the most effective techniques from all forms of Ju-Jitsu, and other styles, into a singular art. It is flexible enough to accommodate different individuals with diverse capabilities.

Mr. David Meers is a 6th Degree Master Black Belt in Flowing Circles Ju-Jitsu and has been studying the martial arts for 20 years. Flowing Circles was founded by Patrick J. Evers, who has achieved Master rank in Aiki-Jujitsu, Jujitsu, Kung-Fu, Karate, weapons and holds a 5th degree Black Belt in Judo. Mr. Meers Judo style comes from Grand Master Zdenik Matl.

"My teaching focuses primarily on JuJitsu, Aiki-Jujitsu and Self-Defense. Techniques include chokes, hold downs, arm locks, wrist locks, escapes, ground fighting and stand-up fighting. I teach students techniques for minimum force with maximum efficiency, which is suitable for both men and women."
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LISD External PE

Did you realize you could EARN School District PE credits while taking classes here? Well, YOU CAN!!!

As an LISD Approved External PE Facility, we can offer a program that meets the LISD requirements for this.

Sign Up through the LISD site and starting earning those PE credits for doing what you Love already!

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